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There are many websites that talk about how to make your website better, but what makes ours different?

We do our best to make all our content evergreen, so no matter when you visit our website you can read content and actually learn from it.
We never publish any reviews, or top 10’s, we tend to find those are biased.
No content written by AI, so you can be sure the content is true, accurate and provides correct sources.
We don’t do full-screen or pop-up ads, we do text-based ads or sponsored posts.
While we do sponsored blog posts, we don’t let that affect what we think of the sponsor.
We clearly label when a link is a link in which we get paid / commission from, this way you can know. While we hope that you use our link so we get a little commission, you can always find the company and that link on your own.
We care about your privacy, we try to use privacy-friendly services where possible.
We also aren’t owned by any bigger company, and we don’t have any investors that can influence what we publish.