Are you overwhelmed with WordPress? Just want to update something on your website without spending hours? Wish someone would just understand and easily fix the problem?

Over 60% of people who create a WordPress website drop it within a month because they get overwhelmed with it. It can also be confusing to understand all the terminology related to the website. Stop spending hours or even days trying to edit something on your website when you could be spending it doing what you created a business to do.

Why WordPress?

Your Own Your Website

Unlike Squarespace, Wix, Weebly or any other website builder. With WordPress you own everything you put on your website. You can move it to another website, edit it however you want, and more.


You can customize your website however you want, you aren’t limited to a set number of designs or putting certain things on your site.

Very Popular

If you have a problem you most likely aren’t the only one who has had that problem and can find an answer.

Not Just For a Blog

Every other type of website maker is focused on one type of website, with WordPress it is meant for whatever type of website you want (it can be a business website, a blog, a portfolio, or whatever you want).

Google Likes It

Your website has a better shot at ranker higher than your competitors if you use WordPress. You can also add things to change the way Google sees your website.

WordPress Don’t Try To Make Money From You

You get a warm fuzzy feeling helping out an open-source project that doesn’t try to make money off you or your website.

Learn more about WordPress.
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