Gregory J Development exists to help you have a better website.

Gregory J Development was born in January 2016, originally to help businesses with their website. Our first client was Women’s March on Washington Canada, and we learned a ton during that time. In July 2017 we received a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. In August 2020 we designed to change this site to be more focused as a blog so you can help at your own pace, and if you want someone to help you with your website we can help (paid gigs only please).

The company and this website has evolved over time, now this website is primarily a blog to help you learn how to have a better website.  We changed this site because we found a majority of people were going to our blog posts and not anywhere else on the website.

Currently our website is focused on anyone who has a website on any website platform and wants to better their website. It doesn’t matter if you running your own personal website or if you are running a major company website, hopefully you can learn from what is here.

About Gregory

Gregory started creating websites at the age of 13, and he got his interest of computers from his dad. When he started creating website he knew very little, and as he got older and went to higher education he got to know more. After graduating college he started to get much more interested in websites, so he learned a ton by reading books and blog posts. Gregory also knows you can’t spend 24/7/365 working, so in his spare time he is a member of Toastmasters International, he writes blog posts (both here and on his personal site), and listens to music. And while Gregory doesn’t spend much time posting on social media he can be found on Twitter (@devGregory) and on Mastodon ( Gregory is also always open to new opportunities.

Is there something you want to learn about related to your website that we don’t have a blog post on? Let us know on our suggestion page.