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Gregory Hammond
Web Developer & Owner


We love helping you figure out how to get sales online

We will listen to your story, look into your company, and help you figure out how to reach your target audience online. We know you can't just have a site full of information you have to provide customers a way to contact you, and maybe they will sign up for your email newsletter or follow you on a social network. But don't get pushy since most people then will close out of your site and find another company to do business with.

Over 80% of the world is online, everyone searches up how to do something or finding a company to do it for them. Your company needs to be visible online, easily searchable and on the social networks where your target audience is.

Location - We help local and global

We are currently based out of Ajax, Ontario, Canada (just about 45 minutes east of Toronto, Canada) and help those based (or live in) Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, and Toronto area. If you live outside those areas but still want our help then contact us and we can make something work.


We have all seen bad looking sites, and sites that have tons of popups. That's why Gregory J Development exists, to help make an awesome web and help your business be found online.

Do you want your business to be found online? Do you want your customers being able to find you based on your services? Let us help you get an awesome website. Contact us today.