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6 reasons why you may want to consider using a premium forms WordPress plugin

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You may have heard about those premium forms plugin for WordPress, there are so many available with different options, and you may wonder why should pay for a plugin to setup a form when there are many free options. Here are 6 reasons why you may want to consider using a premium forms plugin rather than a free one.

1) It’s easier to setup and maintain the form

With some of the free plugins you are required to learn their way of setting up a form, while most premium plugins provide a drag-and-drop way that allow you to easily see how the form is setup. Many premium forms also have templates so all you would have to do is click on the template then change a few things and hit save. This not only will save you time, it will save you frustration.

2) Can integrate more with other things

Sometimes free plugins don’t integrate with other things or require some workarounds. With most premium plugins they either have their own addons that can work (sometime an additional cost may be required), or you can use something like Zapier and that can integrate with the form plugin.

3) It may look nicer

Free plugins don’t often provide details to be able to customize the look and feel of their forms, the majority of the premium plugins do which makes it easy to get the form to look exactly how you want. Some of these options may be hidden behind settings so it requires some looking around at your plugin to see what settings or options they provide. If you are unsure of what options are available then consider contacting the plugin’s support team to see if the plugin provides the options that you want and how to access them.

4) You can accept payments without having to leave your website

Plugins like WPForms (affiliate link) have the option to accept payment without the client ever having to leave your website. Most of the premium form plugins have Stripe and Paypal options built-in which makes it easier for you, all you have to provide is a couple of small details then you can accept payments. Most of the free form plugins don’t have this option and require you to direct your client outside of your site then back in. Or the free plugins require you to use another plugin which could lead to many things (as written by torque).

5) You get support

With premium plugins you get support if something goes wrong with the plugin or you just need some help, this support is provided in the cost so you don’t have to worry about paying someone else. Many of the premium form plugin companies give a response in anywhere from a couple of minutes to 72 hours on average. A majority of free plugins don’t provide any support which means you must rely on the community or paying someone to solve your problem.

6) Money-back guarantee (within reason)

A large majority of the premium plugins have a money-back guarantee, meaning if the plugin isn’t the right fit for you then you will get most (if not all) of your money back. Ninja Forms actually offers a 14-day no questions asked, money-back guarantee (affiliate link) so you don’t have to worry about getting your money-back if it doesn’t work out. Some companies may want to talk with you to find out your reasons for cancelling and if there is anything they can help with and after that they will give you your money-back.

It can be a struggle trying to find the right forms plugin, sometimes you don’t know if you should use a free or paid one or if it’s even worth it to pay for one. If you trying to find the right forms plugin write out the features that you need, then want. Then go out and find forms plugin that have those needs, then wants, then look at the price. It may take some experimenting to find the right forms plugin for you but once you do all the research will be worth it.

Are you ready to try a premium forms plugin? WPForms (affiliate link), Ninja Forms (affiliate link) and Formidable Forms (affiliate links) are all great options.

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