You are currently viewing Are the holiday’s a good time to publish new content? It depends.

Are the holiday’s a good time to publish new content? It depends.

No matter the holiday you may be wondering if should publish content during that time, it depends on many factors.

Do people spend time online during the holiday’s?
Is the content holiday related?
Publish website content?
Social media posts?
Why you may just want to post like normal.
Why you may not want to post at all.

Do people spend time online during the holiday’s?

This is the first question you have to ask yourself, if nobody is online then they won’t see your content right away (and on some platforms if content isn’t popular within a certain period of time then less people see it). Yes search engines will still pick it up (which can take anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks) and people will find that content after the holidays. There are also reports that more people are spending time online during the holiday season.

Is the content holiday related?

Holiday related content tends to be very popular around the holidays, because people want to get in the mood and get inspired. If the content you are publishing is related to the holiday then go ahead and post like you usually would. Of course you could come up with some holiday related content , if that isn’t the type of content you usually put out then consider taking time off from publishing new content.

Publish website content?

After you have asked yourself those two questions you may wondering if you should publish on your website, and it depends on your website and the visitors. If you have analytics from last years holiday season then go in and look and see if you had less (or more) people come to your site compared to the month before (and after). If you had more people, look into why people were coming to your website, and if it’s something you can replicate then go ahead and think more detailed about publishing content on your website during the holidays. If you have had less people to your website then delay posting that content until after the holidays.

Publishing social media content?

Many people automate, or have a publishing calendar for their social media. You don’t want to publish regular content during the holidays as it will look totally out of place. How often you post depends on your posting schedule and what holiday posts you can come up with. You could also just not post at all during the holiday, just put out a post saying happy holidays, and that you will not be posting until at least a couple of days after the holidays.

Why you may just want to post like normal?

Not everyone celebrates the same holidays, and not everywhere around the world has the same holidays at the same time, so you may consider posting just like normal. Some have said that if you aren’t posting then your competition is. You have to think about if your company can sustain your usual output during the holidays, or consider lowering the output.

Why you may not want to post at all?

If you want to take time off then the holidays are a great time to do so. If your company doesn’t post holiday related content then take a break during the holidays. The holidays may be a great time to work on your business, not in it, or use the time to do other things.

Ultimately the decision to post new content relies on many factors, and it may take some time to figure out if you want to, and you may want to talk with others that you trust or look at what your competition is doing.

Gregory Hammond

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