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Even after Google algorithm updates you can keep your site ranked

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Google (and all search engines) update their algorithm from time to time, sometimes it’s because people change how they search, to combat spam, to promote content they believe is better, and sometimes they make changes without telling the public.

Google does not provide specific details about each algorithm update to ensure no one can rank #1 with bad content. Moz does provide an update history and provide links with more details if you are interested. But there are some try and tested methods that will help to keep your website ranked the same after each algorithm update.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to data displayed on the website when it is opened. On-page is the practice of optimizing page content for different search engines and daily users. The best common and basic practices of on-page are title, tags, description, quality content, page internal linking, URL optimization, ssl/https, and URL structure.

Off-page SEO

This type of optimization involves quality links from other websites to yours. Having other websites link to your content implies that the content and website are good. There are many ways to create these links, like Reliablesoft, SEO Chatter, Backlinko, Yoast, and many others have talked about.

Creating amazing content

The first step is to create informative content. You can’t ignore the content as the deciding factor in your SEO strategy. It may sound easy, but there’s plenty of competition to get people’s attention. If you’re creating interesting content that solves a problem for those who are actually interested in or need your product, then that’s a major starting point.

5 tips that help to create content

1) Identify patterns
2) Entertain
3) Stick with one idea and use your content to reinforce it
4) Creating something unique
5) Stay true to your voice

These tips are according to my point of view and I follow these tips when I’m writing content. Every writer has their own point of view, their own thinking, and their own creation, so don’t rely on others to show your creativity in your content.

Affiliate Links

If you promote a product or service and get paid to so then you are considered an affiliate. The best practice is to make sure your readers know you are getting paid when someone uses your link and include rel=”sponsored” so that search engines know. Some search engines may prefer you use rel=”nofollow”, some say it’s best to include both.

Sponsored Links

Advertisements, and sponsored links should have rel=”sponsored” assigned to any of their links.

Avoid the following techniques that think your website is spam

We hope all of this has helped you, with this advice you don’t have to spend all your time reading up on the latest algorithm changes and then changing your site to keep up.

Author bio: Fahad Shahajehan is a SEO Executive at TechNerds with proven digital marketing experience under his belt. He harbors a passion for writing on a diverse range of topics related to futuristic technologies, digital marketing and innovation, to educate and inspire his readers.

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