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How Often Should You Blog and Why

A website can have one than one purpose. No matter what purpose you set out for your website to have it can also be about educating your readers. If you have a blog you can do that.

You may be thinking that you can’t write well, that’s ok you can do something like a video (you could do YouTube, Facebook Live, or something similar), or a podcast (can be audio or have visual), or Photoblog (this is great if you have a business that is very visual like photography). Those are some things that you could do, but there are many other things you could do. Thanks to Dana Nicole Designs for some of the suggestions. You can also check out Alexandra Franzen on things to do instead of a blog, some of which are a repeat but there are things in there that aren’t here.

Now that you know what you are going to do, you need to figure out what to focus on. It would make sense to focus on whatever your business does. Take the main focus and find out what common questions people are asking about it. You could use tools like AnswerThePublic or Google Trends or whatever other tools you want to use. What exactly you post about is up to you but relate it to your business so people know what type of work your business does.

After that, you need to figure out how often to post. How often is up to you, and whoever else is helping you with the content. Don’t be afraid to post less than others do, they may have a whole team behind them and they started out posting once in a while.

Google (and every other search engine) loves sites that post frequently, because it gives them new content to show. This is just one way to get ranked higher than others, Jeff Bullas and Backlinko both talk about having content to rank higher. It also means that when you keep putting out new content it allows more people to find your business. The way this happens is because of keywords. When you make a title and a short description, search engines will show your content when your title (and description) match keywords that people are searching for.

Now that you know what you format you are going to use, what you are going to post, how often and why you should post, there is a couple of things to remember:

  • Don’t post for the sake of posting, everyone would much rather you post once every 3 months rather than twice a month if the content is better.
  • Keep track of what people are reading, you can do this by setting up analytics on your website. If you aren’t tech savvy consider using Clicky (affiliate link), which has a free plan or if you are tech savvy then setup Matomo, which you run on your own website / server and you can see and own all that data.
  • Promote your work, more people will see your work if you promote it on social media.
  • Keep posting even when you think nobody is seeing your work, people get discouraged when nobody is seeing their work but it takes time to get people to see your work so spend that time working on more content.

Gregory Hammond

Gregory is the owner of Gregory J Development and he loves helping people with their websites. In his spare time, Gregory listens to music, writes (not just for the blog here), and is trying to read more often.