How Version Control Can Save Your Small Business

How Version Control Can Save Your Small Business

Ever writing something then save and wish you could undo what you just did, but can’t? Or want to go back and see an old version but can’t because you deleted it (or overwrote it)? This can all be saved, and more if you used version control. Learning about version control, how to use it, how it can save your business and more are all in this post.

Version control can simply be defined as the management of changes to anything, Changes are usually identified by a number or letter code . Version control is usually used by programmers or software developers but it can used by anyone if you know how to use it.

First you need an account at where you are going to store this stuff. If your looking for a public place then create a Github account, if you’re looking for private and public then Gitlab is what you want to use. I would suggest you start with Gitlab since you probably don’t want everything to be public by default (Github has private but you pay at least $7 USD per month).

To use version control you need an account (as discussed above), then you need software to get it to the site (that you have an account at). What you want is a software that does git and has a gui (basically allowing you to see and click rather than having to type and know commands). I have used both GitKraken and SourceTree with good success. Try out of those free application before going to something paid, so you know what you like and don’t like.

Once you have the program installed read over their guide on how to use it, when you have something you wish to use version control for then you need to create a repo (or a place for Gitlab to store the changes) then tell your program where the repo is located (the url). Once you have that you can “save” it the first time by pushing it, then for each change you think you could make you can push it again (be sure to say what you changed so you can remember rather than having to look through all the changes).

If you need to go back to an earlier version you can either go to that commit (basically the push) and either see the change and copy and paste or you can revert back to that old version. Both work, it just depends on which you are comfortable with, and how big a change it is.

This will save you a good amount of time if you are writing and get frustrated when you type something, then delete, then type something else, hit save and wish you could go back.

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