Is Your Website A Digital Distraction?

Is Your Website A Digital Distraction?

Distractions are something that are so common it’s almost impossible to avoid them. If you have a website then you probably have many things on your site; a sidebar, a live chat, pop-ups and many other things that distract your potential clients. The more your potential clients are distracted the less likely they are to buy from you.

Every distraction not only takes the site longer to load (which leads to less clients) but takes the focus away from the main content of your website. The less things on your site could potentially mean new clients. This may seem simple and easy to do, but it isn’t just about having less distractions to get more clients.

If you run a news website, I (and many other news readers) can understanding having a breaking news banner so it directs people to read that breaking news, not everything is breaking news and some things people don’t need to know about.

Have you gone to a website and instantly wanted to go to another website? Why was that? Open up an private window (or sometimes incognito window) on your browser of choice and check your website to see if your website has has distracting thing / pop-up. If your website does then talk to the person / company that maintains your site and tell them to remove it. If you maintain your own site and need some help with removing one thing, contact us and we will be happy to help.

How many colours are you using on your website? Most websites (including Tiger Color) suggest a maximum of three colours to use. You can get away with using more colours if your website designer is good (as well as looking good and not being distracting).

What have you removed from your site because it was distracting? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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