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Website Speed Affects Your Business And You Can Fix It

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Last updated January 3rd 2021.

If your websites takes more than 3 seconds you are losing out lots of business. 79% of people say they won’t return to a site if the website takes a long time to load.

Over 40% abandon websites if they take more than 3 seconds to load. What are you doing to get your website to load immediately? Using a server that is closer to your target audience? Compressing images? Have a cache? Optimzing html / css / javascript? Making a simpler website? Using a cdn? Let me explain what each of these is and how you can fix it.

Using a server closer to your target audience?
Pick a host / server that has a location that is closer to your target audience and where they live. If you’re targeting people in Australia and you have a server in Canada then you are going to have a bad time. If you don’t know where your server is then there are two things you can do. 1) Ask your hosting company (they usually list their locations on their website). 2) Do a website hosting search for your domain and see where the country is. You will have to pay to move your site to another host but it will save you lots of hassle in the future. If you are overwhelmed with all the options see our checklist for the things you should look out for the best website host for you.

Compressing images?
Images by default have a huge file size. If you put them on your website then it will take forever for that image to load. The best thing to do is to run all your images through a compressor like ShortPixel (referral link) or

Have a cache?
Setup a cache on your website so the server doesn’t have to get a new copy of your site with each new visitor. On WordPress there are so many caching plugins you need to find the best plugin for you, they all work a bit different and affect your website in different ways. If you use html / css then you can add a couple of lines to .htaccess. Or you can use a cdn which I talk about below.

Optimizing html / css / javascript?
It is easy to optimize using WordPress, the AutoOptimize plugin. Make sure you go into the settings of the plugin and select the first three options. If you are using html / css yourself then let a website do it for you (almost always free).

Making a simpler website?
Many sites have video backgrounds, but if you want a quick site then make it simpler. You can still have an awesome site you don’t need to have the same thing that everyone else has.

Using a cdn?
Cdn stands for content delivery network, it takes your website and puts it on their servers around the world. That way vistors to your website get it from the closest server to them rather than where your website is. There are free and paid versions, it all depends on how many visitors you get. Cloudflare is the most popular and offers free and paid versions. KeyCDN has a pay as you go so you don’t need to worry about paying a huge ton upfront. Find a cdn that you like, has servers close to your target audience then let them take care of the rest. Make sure to configure your site to point to your cdn, ask your cdn provider for help if you don’t know.

As you can tell, if you don’t have a fast website you can loose tons of business. There are easy ways and sometimes free ways to get your website to be fast. Try it, you don’t know how many new sales you get until you try.


Gregory is the owner of Gregory J Development and he loves helping people with their websites. In his spare time, Gregory listens to music, writes (not just for the blog here), and is trying to read more often.