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Websites Are Not A Piece Of Art They Need Updating

Art is something you create then leave it for others to observe. Do you want your potential leads to wonder if you’re still in business, because not updating your website shows them that you don’t care about your own business.

Updating a website isn’t as difficult as it seems, it doesn’t mean you have to change the homepage every month (and we don’t suggest it as it just confuses people). You could just simply add a blog post and make sure you have updated your blog page. Changing the text (or known as copy) on your website can also be a simple way to show potential clients that you’re still in business. You can also learn from that, by taking a look at your website analytics.

Websites also need to explain what your business does, keep it short but not so short that it covers so many areas. Make it easy for people to contact you (and provide multiple contact methods).

If you aren’t updating your website I hope you are updating your social media, as many people use social media to find things. Do you know where your target audience is, not physically but virtually.

Gregory Hammond

Gregory is the owner of Gregory J Development and he loves helping people with their websites. In his spare time, Gregory listens to music, writes (not just for the blog here), and is trying to read more often.