What To Do When Have Too Many People Coming to Website

What To Do When Have Too Many People Coming to Website

Congratulations, you have so many people coming to your website that it is getting errors. If you are looking for a quick guide then either read the first two sentences of each paragraph then take that action or download our one-page pdf at the end of the page. If you are looking to understand or for other options then continue to read the entire post. Everything here is just a suggestion, and can’t guarantee anything since something that may work for one website may not work for another.

The best thing you can do is cache the page that most people are going to, if you are on WordPress and can login to your dashboard (yourwebsite.ca/wp-admin) then add a caching plugin. There are thousands of caching plugins available, if you want one that you just hit one button then use Breeze or WP Super Cache. If you have time to configure then try out W3 Total Cache or Comet Cache. Please don’t install more than one caching plugin as it’s redundant. If you use a CDN you can keep it and have a caching plugin at the same time.

If most people are viewing an image then you can store the image somewhere off your own site and change the image link to that new location, if you want something for free then you can use Cloudinary (affiliate link that gets both of us extra storage), if you want to pay then Cloudimage.io or Uploadcare are two good options that don’t make you pay for each image view.

If it is a video that tons of people are watching then upload that video to Youtube or Vimeo and embed it (there are guides on each respective website on how to do that). You should never upload a video directly to your website. What to know why? See this WPBeginner article for details.

If that doesn’t cut it, or you can’t login to your website at all then you will need to upgrade your hosting server. Contact your hosting company through whatever methods they have available (live chat or phone would be best since you need this done quickly) and ask them if they can upgrade your server for you, or how you go about upgrading it. You may be able to upgrade it for a select time, or you have to have it upgraded for a set period of time. Once the server has been upgraded you should be able to login to your website, and you should add caching (start with a plugin then go to image & video). The upgraded server will allow more people to view your website, and caching will allow even more people to see it and view it faster.

If you have at least 48 hours before you are going to get tons of people to your website (you could schedule to send out an email which will direct people to your website) then it would be a good time to setup a CDN. CDN is short for content delivery network, a company of your choice takes your website and copies it to their servers around the world, so instead of everyone coming to your server they will go to the closest server (run by the CDN company). They still come to your website but it’s setup so you need a less powerful server.

The big reason why I said at least 48 hours is because once you change the setting to point to the cdn company it takes time for everyone around the world to know that they go to the cdn company rather than directly to your server. Everyone will still type in the same website (yourwebsite.ca) but the detailed setting of your site say to go to your CDN company. There are so many CDN companies to choose from, it is suggested to choose a company that has a server closest to your target audience. There is no unbiased list of all CDN companies, but the most known companies are: Cloudflare (offers both free and paid plans), Fastly (offers $50 of traffic for free then paid), StackPath ($10 per month), Incapsula (price starts at $59 per month), and KeyCDN (price based on usage). This isn’t a complete list, please do your own research and look at each companies network map before going with them to see if they have servers close to where your target audience is.

Want this in a quick one-page checklist so you can have it handy? Download the free pdf on Microsoft OneDrive (US based) or Disroot (Amsterdam based). Both links have the same file, it’s just a choice of where in the world you want to download it from.

This should get your website to last for a longer period of time, if you get a good size bill from your hosting company for the upgraded server then pay it and contact us after to see if we can find a more affordable server based on your needs.


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