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Why We Don’t Have A Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal

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This weekend (Black Friday to Cyber Monday) is all about offering a deal and getting people to buy from you but do you really need it?

We could all use a new phone, or a new thing to play with but why should we buy something that we are only going to use for less than a year. Canadian debt is hitting it’s record high, so why should we be spending more? Because every companies wants you to spend money so they make more money, if you go shopping at Best Buy and you have debt not only does Best Buy make money (from your purchase), your credit card makes money (from the interest on your debt).

This weekend should be called Spend Nothing Weekend because more of us need to have weekends (or even a year) where we don’t spend anything.

This company (unlike stores) don’t try to compete with other companies that offer similar services because we will show you why you want to work with us (great customer service, supporting the local economy, actually caring about your business and wanting to get you more business, protecting your website against attacks and more). If you want to go get a website from another company go ahead we won’t plead with you but know that we will continue to offer you great service even if you aren’t a customer.

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