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Why WordPress Prompts You To Update Your Website

WordPress provides updates fairly often, you should keep on top of your updates to ensure your site doesn’t get hacked.

When there is a new update WordPress displays a small banner in your dashboard letting you know there is an update available. It also reminds you to backup your website before you do the update. If you are using any sort of security plugin on your website you will most likely also get a reminder from them.

WordPress prompts you to ensure you know there is a new update (most business owners don’t have time to stay up to date on the newest WordPress news). One of the best WordPress security practices is to backup your website before you update it.

It can be annoying to be constantly reminded about a new version of WordPress. There is an easy way to stop the notice until a new version of WordPress comes out, that is to hit the x button on the right hand side of the banner.

You may have heard about ways to disable updates, to ensure everything looks the same for years to come. You should not do this. Your website is more likely to get hacked (since people find things wrong in old versions). As well, the creators won’t support the old versions (it’s too hard to support many versions) if something is wrong.

To wrap up, you need to keep your WordPress website updated. You don’t need to update as soon as the notice comes out that there is a new version (since many people will be downloading it at the same time) but don’t disable updates and risk your website getting hacked. Do your due diligence and keep your website updated and keep up with the best WordPress security practices.

Gregory Hammond

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