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Why You Should Start Blogging in 2019

How do your clients find out about what you offer? You may go to networking events and talk with someone, or post on social media about something related to your business. But you can’t spend all day at networking events, and social media sites want you to pay more money to get seen by more people. Blogging on your own website doesn’t cost you anymore money and you don’t have to pay extra to get it seen by more people.

The hardest part is just starting. What do you post about? How often (or little) do you post? Nobody except yourself can determine these things for you. You have to do with what you are comfortable with. All search engines care for the quality of the post, not how often you post. Don’t like writing? Your post can be just a couple of sentences to pages. Even if you just come up with a couple of points then pay someone to write the post for you that it still a post.

Why? Everyone uses a search engine to find something, and if a blog that you wrote comes up then that random person just found out about your company and may even decide to buy from you. Even if they don’t buy from you they get to learn from you, and if they like what they have read they may either read something else from you or come back to your website later. The more someone comes back to your website the most likely they are to buy from you.

This is all part of your inbound marketing strategy. If you don’t have one you should. Blogging is just one of them. The major four ones can be found over at our friends Digital Marketing People’s blog. Thanks to them for this idea.

Gregory Hammond

Gregory is the owner of Gregory J Development and he loves helping people with their websites. In his spare time, Gregory listens to music, writes (not just for the blog here), and is trying to read more often.