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Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Gutenberg On Your WordPress Website

If you have either been in your site dashboard or been reading WordPress news then you will have noticed that there is a new editor called Gutenberg coming soon. WordPress has said that Gutenberg will change the way that WordPress is used and help to ensure WordPress is the number 1 CMS. You don’t have to use Gutenberg right now, but many people are worried about it changing the way they do things. There are many positives and negatives to using Gutenberg right now.

Let me start with the positives:

Anyone can visually edit a page to look exactly the way you want, it is just drap-and-drop, and you can easily add visual elements to the page (like images, YouTube videos, buttons and other widgets) without having to know code. This is nice because then you can do more stuff yourself and not have to pay someone to do something simple for you.

But I do see many negatives to using Gutenberg, especially right now:

There is only one column, so everything has to be centre aligned and that isn’t good if you want to put multiple things side by side.

Posts can’t visually edit edited, unlike pages. It’s nice for writers so they don’t get distracted but it’s not nice to almost everyone else as they can’t see what their post will look like on the page until they hit publish.

Nothing related to the theme which can be changed, this will change once more themes support Gutenberg.

There are no specialty blocks (for example, testimonials, or a pricing table), if you want that then you will have to use a page builder.
Developers, or people know code won’t like it since the code on a page can’t be edited. So a developer can’t change the page to be exactly the way they want.

Gutenberg is still in beta, that means there will be bugs and things that don’t work. If you notice a bug or something that is off then file an issue on the github page.

As you can see, right now there are many negatives but you don’t have to worry about using Gutenberg right now since it isn’t mandatory. Gutenberg will hopefully improve over time, there will still be people who get frustrated with it and there will be some who will just use a page builder. Don’t want Gutenberg at all? ClassPress has been made for people like you.

Gregory Hammond

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