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Your Website Isn’t About You, It’s About Your Target Audience

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We all love to talk about ourselves, but sometimes it isn’t the right place or time. Your website isn’t the right place to talk about you because potential clients want to know what you do and how you can help them. Is your website talking about them rather than you?

Are you talking to their fears and pains? We all have emotions and you have to scary people a little bit to get them to work with you rather than someone else. Make sure to mention how you can help solve their fear or pain.

Can you solve their problem? Don’t worry if you can’t solve everyone’s problem, or you cannot solve the problem that one person has. Know what you are good at, what is possible and solve problems related to that.

Do they know, like, and trust you? A potential client can get to know you by visiting your about page (that’s where you can talk all about yourself but don’t go into too much detail). Potential clients can like you by seeing and liking your past work (they can also like you by talking with you in-person). Trust is something that could take time, it all depends on the other person. You can show trust by showing previous work, or by giving away things for free. Free things can vary from blog posts to a full-day seminar, it all depends on what you are willing to give to get a client.

So how are you changing your website? Don’t worry about getting your entire website re-written in one day, take time to get it right.


Gregory is the owner of Gregory J Development and he loves helping people with their websites. In his spare time, Gregory listens to music, writes (not just for the blog here), and is trying to read more often.