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Looking for someone local to help you with your WordPress (or ClassicPress) website? We can help you.

Our business is based in Ajax which means not only do you get someone who can help you, you also help to support the local economy.

We aren’t going to include the details about Ajax since if you are on this page you know about Ajax and what it has to offer and what makes it so great (and what doesn’t).

Need help setting up a site? Need help getting something to show up on your site? Need help installing or configuring a plugin? Need help setting up a WordPress account? We can help with all of these and more.

We are happy to work with you over email, phone, video conference or even in-person (we can meet at your home / office, a local meeting place or somewhere else that works for you). Please let us know what we can help with by filling in the form below and we will be in touch with you.

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