As a startup we want to share our yearly revenue (updated when the next year comes around), any grants / VC we get, and anything else we decide to share. All of this will be updated manually as our business is service based.
This is based on, but will be updated manually and won’t include everything that is on that original page as this business is service based.

Company Founded

January 30th 2017 (2017-01-30)

Yearly Income (including any interest income)

2017: $6,530.24
2018: $1,925.54

Grants / VC’s

2017: $3,000 grant from Starter Company Plus (Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, Government of Ontario)
– do not have to pay back the grant but have to do survey’s for up to 2 years after

Uptime / Status

You can find the current uptime / overall uptime for up to the last 30 days at
Last downtime was on 2019-02-16.