We have worked with many clients. Here are just a selection of the clients that we have worked with. We can’t display all the work we do due to NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) or if the work was done under another companies name (white-label).

Ajax Womens Slo-Pitch Celebrating 25 years logo
Website Developer & Designer (screenshot)

Worked with association committee and Town of Ajax to design, develop and launch a redesigned website to announce the 25th year of Ajax Women’s Slo-Pitch Association. Some content was taken from the old site but most of the site had to be created from scratch. This site was completed 6 weeks early (the launch of the site was had to be completed before the start of the season).
Women's March on Washington Canada logo.
Web Designer / Videographer / Video Editor (screenshot)

“Gregory joined the team and saved the day with our web re-build and gave us this amazing new website in six hours. Since that day, he’s also co-filmed our Canadian #WhyIMarch video and the Norway #WhyIMarch video. We are also bringing Gregory to DC where he will be capturing content in photography and videography so we can produce a documentary about this experience.”

Worked with national organizers to redesign and continuously update the website. A shopping cart was added to easily allow people to buy things related to the march and to donate. The payment’s went to an organizers’ paypal account to easily get the payment to the right party.
Startup Durham Region logo
Volunteer Website Manager

Since January 2017 Gregory has been volunteering his time with Startup Durham to ensure the website is updated.