Our Services

We offer a varity of services to help you with your WordPress or ClassicPress website.

Do For You

Don’t worry about working on your website, just tell us what what you want changed.

Tried of dealing with multiple companies, or having bills come from nowhere? We can be your one contact and find the best prices for you.

Prices vary based on what you need help with.

Consultation / Training

Want to learn how to understand WordPress? Want to see how to do anything with your website?

We offer this as an hourly service or a one-time service.

Prices start at $50 per hour.

Have too much work that you need to get done? We can do it for you, under your company name.

We can work at our office, or at your office. Prices vary (starting at $50/hr).

Have a slow website?

Let us find out exactly what is slowing down your website and fix it for you.

Prices vary based on what you need done.

Unsure what you need help with?

Contact us below and let us know what you need help with.