Last updated on June 17th 2020

June 17th: We have decided to do some more social media posting, some of it is related to news in the WordPress industry, and some it will be posts from our staff. We are still checking and replying to social media as humans.

June 6th: Since March 14th we have been abiding by social distancing and all regulations the province of Ontario, Canada has put into place.

Which means no in-person meetings. We have been doing this to slow the spread of COVID-19. We have also been self-isolating to ensure we don’t spread it. We have been encouraging all to continue to wash hands and work when and how they can.

We have still be answering emails and doing all meeting through video conference (or phone call) during this time.

When may we go back to doing in-person meetings? Most likely not until a vaccine is widely available (and all staff have had it).

We have also slowed down on the number of social media posts we have done as most people aren’t looking at social media for business during this time. At this time we aren’t sure if we will ever go back to regular social media posting (posting on all our social media profiles 3 or more times during a week).

We are still available to help you with your website during this unusual time, or if you simply want to say hi.